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          小编:环小妹 297
          摘要:8.10雅思写作7分范文分享来啦!此次雅思写作考察的是社会话题,要求 学生讨论双边并给出自己的观点,那么这类作文应该怎么写呢?

            8.10雅思写作7分范文分享来啦!此次雅思写作考察的是社会话题,要求 学生讨论双边并给出自己的观点,那么这类作文应该怎么写呢?这里我们就为各位分享一篇7分的雅思写作范文,共各位雅思考生参考!

            范文 :

          Some people assert that medicine companies should focus on helping poor people, whereas other believe that the business is entitled to make money. It looks to me that both views are not antagonistic to each other; it is only a question of different emphasis.

            On the one hand, it is easy to understand why some people take it for granted that the pharmaceuticalcompanies should prioritize social responsibility over profits. From the perspective of the advocates of this, one thorny problem that exhausts many governments is the unaffordable cost of medical treatment, which is reckoned to be culpable for millions of unnecessary deaths every year. For example, in developing economies like China, people are reluctant to go to hospitals just because they cannot afford the medicines. Considering this, the medicine should first serve as something to cure diseases and save lives, then a product to earn money.

            On the other hand,plausible though it is, the argument is not justified enough to silence theshareholders of those medicine corporations, whose concerns lay more emphasis on the survival of their business, the rewards of investors, and the employment as well, not to mention their tax contribution to the government, which in turn, could be used to subsidize the public medical services. As well as these pragmatic determinants, a more important factor we cannot afford to ignore is the enormous investment for researching new drugs, which definitely comes from the income of selling medicines. How could these companies maintain new projects without stable economic return?

            In conclusion, it looks to me that both arguments deserve their justifications in certain circumstance.From the perspective of patients, pharmaceutical businesses should not allow the prices above certain level so as to make it affordable for the masses who need them most. On the other hand, these companies deserve modest profit to invest on the sustainable research for the new products, which in turn willbenefit everyone.


            Be entitled to  应该

            Antagonistic  矛盾

            Pharmaceutical  制药相关的

            Thorny  棘手的

            be culpable for  对负责

            plausible  看似合理的

            silence  使闭嘴

            survival  生存

            subsidize  资助

            pragmatic  实用的

            justifications  合理性

            sustainable  可持续的

            prioritize  重视

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